Detailed Analysis of the Response Time and Waiting Time in the M/M/m FCFS Preemptive-Resume Priority Queue

  • Hideaki TakagiEmail author
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 383)


We present a detail theoretical analysis of the response time and waiting time in the M/M/m FCFS preemptive-resume priority queueing system in the steady state by scrutinizing and extending the previous studies by Brosh (1969), Segal (1970), Buzen and Bondi (1983), Tatashev (1984), and Zeltyn et al. (2009). In particular, we analyze the durations of intermittent waiting times and service times during the response time of a tagged customer of each priority class that is preempted by the arrivals of higher-priority class customers. Numerical examples are shown in order to demonstrate the computation of theoretical formulas.


Priority queue Multiserver Preemptive-resume Response time Waiting time First passage time 


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