Lectures on Bifunctors and Finite Generation of Rational Cohomology Algebras

Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 311)


This text is an updated version of material used for a course at Université de Nantes, part of ‘Functor homology and applications’, April 23–27, 2012. The proof [30], [31] by Touzé of my conjecture on cohomological finite generation (CFG) has been one of the successes of functor homology. We will not treat this proof in any detail. Instead we will focus on a formality conjecture of Chałupnik and discuss ingredients of a second generation proof [33] of the existence of the universal classes of Touzé.


Strict polynomial functor Schur algebra cohomology algebra finite generation Frobenius twist formality reductive divided power derived category collapsing spectral sequence 


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