Robotic Repair of Urinary Fistulae

  • Joan C. Delto
  • Ashok K. Hemal
  • Akshay BhandariEmail author


This chapter provides a brief overview of the various types of urinary tract fistulas including vesicovaginal, ureterovaginal, vesicouterine, and vesicoenteric fistulas. The robotic assisted laparoscopic approach has recently been utilized for many urinary tract fistulas, after demonstration of safety, efficacy, and expeditious convalescence.

This chapter emphasizes safety, efficiency, and economy for robotic repair. Adherence to the principles of fistula repair is key. Principles include adequate separation of organs, non-overlapping suture lines, multiple layer closure, tension free anastomosis, adequate hemostasis, well-vascularized healthy tissues, watertight closure, use of a vascular interposition flap, and adequate postoperative drainage.


Robotic repair Vesicovaginal fistula Ureterovaginal fistula Vesicouterine fistula Enterovesical fistula Rectovesical fistula Laparoscopic 


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