Learning with Video: The Digital Knowledge Representation and Digital Reading

  • Wenge GuoEmail author
  • Yang Li
  • Jie Gao
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Being a form of digital media in delivering knowledge, video has become one of the most important elements in online learning ecosystem. Some even claimed that these lecture video would replace the role of teachers. This paper introduces the features of video and explores how video can be applied to learning. The result of an experiment conducted by the researchers in this area is also discussed. Based on the collected statistical data, this paper further proposes an effective approach to designing “video reading” activities in four reading levels, namely, elementary reading, inspectional reading, analytical reading and syntopical reading.


Representation of knowledge Digital reading Digital reading assignment design 



Without the support and the participation of the students enrolled the course The Digital Representing and Digital Reading, this research would not be completed. Thanks for their interests in the topic of The Digital Representing and Digital Reading, and contributions of opinions in learning with video, and responded the questionnaire promptly.


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