In the Spring of 2014, the DARWIN-MINI system was released internationally using a new controller (OpenCM-9.04-C), with a new communication device (BT-210) and the new RoboPlus 2.0 suite: TASK, R+ DESIGN and R+ MOTION (V.2). So far (March 2015), the RoboPlus Manager tool (V. could only serve as a firmware updater to the 9.04-C, but the RoboPlus Dynamixel Wizard tool (currently at V. had been modified to work with OpenCM-9.04-C quite well as a Firmware Update/Recovery tool for the XL-320 actuators as well as for the 9.04-C controller (see Sect.4.2.2). The OpenCM-9.04-C could also be used with the OpenCM IDE V.1.0.2, but it would need a firmware recovery (via Manager only and the micro USB port) to make it work again with the RoboPlus 2.0 suite. In November 2014, the second edition of this system with an improved XL-320 (metal pinion gear) was renamed ROBOTIS-MINI.


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