Towards Benchmarking IaaS and PaaS Clouds for Graph Analytics

  • Alexandru Iosup
  • Mihai Capotă
  • Tim Hegeman
  • Yong Guo
  • Wing Lung Ngai
  • Ana Lucia Varbanescu
  • Merijn Verstraaten
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8991)


Cloud computing is a new paradigm for using ICT services—only when needed and for as long as needed, and paying only for service actually consumed. Benchmarking the increasingly many cloud services is crucial for market growth and perceived fairness, and for service design and tuning. In this work, we propose a generic architecture for benchmarking cloud services. Motivated by recent demand for data-intensive ICT services, and in particular by processing of large graphs, we adapt the generic architecture to Graphalytics, a benchmark for distributed and GPU-based graph analytics platforms. Graphalytics focuses on the dependence of performance on the input dataset, on the analytics algorithm, and on the provisioned infrastructure. The benchmark provides components for platform configuration, deployment, and monitoring, and has been tested for a variety of platforms. We also propose a new challenge for the process of benchmarking data-intensive services, namely the inclusion of the data-processing algorithm in the system under test; this increases significantly the relevance of benchmarking results, albeit, at the cost of increased benchmarking duration.


Cloud Service Graph Analytic Generic Architecture Input Dataset System Under Test 
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This work is supported by the Dutch STW/NOW Veni personal grants @large (#11881) and Graphitti (#12480), by the EU FP7 project PEDCA, by the Dutch national program COMMIT and its funded project COMMissioner, and by the Dutch KIEM project KIESA. The authors wish to thank Hassan Chafi and the Oracle Research Labs, Peter Boncz and the LDBC project, and Josep Larriba-Pey and Arnau Prat Perez, whose support has made the Graphalytics benchmark possible; and to Tilmann Rabl, for facilitating this material.


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  • Mihai Capotă
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  • Tim Hegeman
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  • Yong Guo
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  • Wing Lung Ngai
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  • Ana Lucia Varbanescu
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  • Merijn Verstraaten
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  2. 2.University of AmsterdamAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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