Computing Equality-Free String Factorisations

  • Markus L. SchmidEmail author
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9136)


A factorisation of a string is equality-free if each two factors are different; its size is the number of factors and its width is the maximum length of any factor. To decide, for a string \(w\) and a number \(m\), whether \(w\) has an equality-free factorisation with a size of at least (or a width of at most) \(m\) are \(\mathrm {NP}\)-complete problems. We further investigate the complexity of these problems and also study the converse problems of computing a factorisation that is to a large extent not equality-free, i.e., a factorisation of size at least (or width at most) \(m\) such that the total number of different factors does not exceed a given bound \(k\).


String factorisations \(\mathrm {NP}\)-hard string problems FPT 


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