QoS-Aware Web Service Composition Using Quantum Inspired Particle Swarm Optimization

  • Chandrashekar Jatoth
  • G. R. GangadharanEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 39)


Quality of Service (QoS)-aware web service composition is one of the challenging problems in service oriented computing. Due to the seamless proliferation of web services, it is difficult to find an optimal web service during composition that satisfies the requirements of an user. In order to enable dynamic QoS-aware web service composition, we propose an approach based on Quantum inspired particle swarm optimization. Experimental results show that the proposed QIPSO-WSC has effective and efficient performance in terms of low optimality rate and reduced time complexity.


Web service composition Quality of service (QoS) Particle swarm optimization Quantum computing 


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  1. 1.Institute for Development and Research in Banking TechnologyHyderabadIndia
  2. 2.SCISUniversity of HyderabadHyderabadIndia

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