Analysing Virtual Machine Security in Cloud Systems

  • Taimur Al Said
  • Omer F. Rana
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8993)


The cloud computing concept has significantly influenced how information is delivered and managed in large scale distributed systems today. Cloud computing is currently expected to reduce the economic cost of using computational and data resources, and is therefore particularly appealing to small and medium scale companies (who may not wish to maintain in-house IT departments). To provide economies of scale, providers of Cloud computing infrastructure make significant use of virtualisation techniques – in which processes of various tenants sharing the same physical resources are separated logically using a hypervisor. In spite of its wide adoption in Cloud computing systems, virtualisation technology suffers from many security and privacy issues. We outline security challenges that remain in the use of virtualisation techniques to support multiple customers on the same shared infrastructure. We also illustrate, using an experiment, how data leakage occurs when multiple VMs are executed on the same physical infrastructure, leading to unauthorised access to (previously) deleted data.


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