SafeMove − Safe Mobility of Elderly in the Vicinity of Their Home and on Journeys

  • Irit Luft MadarEmail author
  • Matt Smith
  • Peter Knackfuss
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The demographic change that is foreseeable in the future will permeate all throughout society, and require new approaches to ageing and its concomitant challenges. Serious games are one of the answers towards this challenge. Herein, we describe ways how the SafeMove project plans to employ serious games in the context of helping elderly people with light dementia to operate on their own. Due to the multi-facetted approach of the SafeMove project, serious games are embedded in a holistic system for the elderly, which will ultimately help them stay active and ambulatory as long as possible, while feeling safe and well cared for. This will enable them to stay in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible, while helping them stay active and socially connected. The serious games will provide the impetus to exercise more, as well as connect with others playing the same games.


Light dementia aMCI Elderly Mobility Safe mobility Social groups 


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