Imaging Tools in Skin and Nail Psoriasis

  • Marwin Gutierrez
  • Chiara Bertolazzi


Imaging plays a key role in the assessment of psoriasis. However they findings are not still adequately standardized which reduces the confidence from the clinicians on his application.

Ultrasound (US) is a promising tool for the assessment of both quantification of the disease activity and the treatment responsiveness in patients with psoriasis. The continuous technological advances in this field allowed the development of equipments provided with very sensitive power Doppler (PD), which permit a sensitive detection of blood flow even in small vessels of superficial tissues such as nail and skin.

Over the past few years, videocapillaroscopy (VCP) is also generating a great interest in the assessment of microvascular changes in psoriasis representing an emergent tool for both clinical and research approaches.

This chapter provides data about the potential role of imaging, including US and VCP, in depicting both skin and nail changes in patients with psoriasis.


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