Resource Analysis: From Sequential to Concurrent and Distributed Programs

  • Elvira Albert
  • Puri Arenas
  • Jesús Correas
  • Samir Genaim
  • Miguel Gómez-Zamalloa
  • Enrique Martin-Martin
  • Germán Puebla
  • Guillermo Román-Díez
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9109)


Resource analysis aims at automatically inferring upper/lower bounds on the worst/best-case cost of executing programs. Ideally, a resource analyzer should be parametric on the cost model, i.e., the type of cost that the user wants infer (e.g., number of steps, amount of memory allocated, amount of data transmitted, etc.). The inferred upper bounds have important applications in the fields of program optimization, verification and certification. In this talk, we will review the basic techniques used in resource analysis of sequential programs and the new extensions needed to handle concurrent and distributed systems.


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  • Elvira Albert
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  • Puri Arenas
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  • Jesús Correas
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  • Samir Genaim
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  • Miguel Gómez-Zamalloa
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  • Enrique Martin-Martin
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  • Germán Puebla
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  • Guillermo Román-Díez
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  2. 2.DLSIISTechnical University of MadridMadridSpain

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