Breast Reconstruction with Anterolateral Thigh Flap

  • Kim Alexander TønsethEmail author
  • Tyge Tind Tindholdt


The ALT flap can be considered as an alternative when other conservative autologous breast reconstruction techniques are inappropriate. The main advantage with this flap is that it is a well-known flap for most microsurgeons and it has relatively predictable anatomy with a long pedicle and suitable vessel diameter. The procedure can be performed without repositioning the patient during surgery allowing a two-team approach. The donor site morbidity is limited, although it has to be discussed with each patient. The reconstruction technique is primarily limited to patients with small to moderate breast sizes.


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  • Tyge Tind Tindholdt
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  2. 2.Avdeling for Plastikk- og Rekonstruktiv KirurgiKlinikk for Kirurgi og Nevrofag, Oslo Universsitetssykehus – RikshospitaletNydalenNorway

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