The Use of Acellular Dermal Matrices in Two-Stage Expander/Implant Reconstruction

  • Shantanu N. Razdan
  • Colleen M. McCarthyEmail author


The use of acellular dermal matrices (ADMs) in post mastectomy, two-stage, expander/implant breast reconstruction has been widely reported. Few studies have also described the utility of ADMs in the setting of post mastectomy radiation treatment. The main advantages of ADMs stem from coverage of the infero-lateral aspect of the implants during breast reconstruction. Seroma, infection, expander/implant loss are some of the commonly reported complications. Few well-designed studies have shown no significant increase in initial fill volume and postoperative tissue expansion in patients who had ADM assisted two-stage breast reconstruction. ADMs should not be used routinely in patients undergoing two-stage breast reconstruction. A case-by-case approach is recommended instead. More long-term and high-quality studies are required to truly evaluate the efficacy of ADMs.


Breast Reconstruction Tissue Expander Capsular Contracture Seroma Formation Acellular Dermal Matrix 
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