Observing Magnetic Reconnection: The Influence of Jim Dungey

  • Jonathan P. EastwoodEmail author
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings book series (ASSSP, volume 41)


As part of the Festspiel celebrating the 90th birthday of Prof. Jim Dungey, this paper reviews his influence on experimental efforts to observe reconnection in space plasmas. Jim has influenced this area of research in two key ways: firstly, in the development of theories of magnetic reconnection and secondly, in being an early and vocal advocate of the need for multi-point observations. The advent of multi-point missions such as Cluster and THEMIS in the past decade has enabled considerable progress, and we illustrate with examples how multi-point data and techniques have indeed improved our understanding of how reconnection works.


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I would like to thank David Southwood for organising the FestSchrift and inviting me to speak and write this paper, as well for his comments on an early version of the manuscript. I am also grateful to Peter Cargill for his comments on the manuscript during the writing process. The CENTINEL mission study, from which Fig. 9.3 is taken, was performed by myself and Peter Fox (Imperial College London) and Max Pastena and James Barrington-Brown (SSBV Space and Ground Systems). This work was supported by an STFC Advanced Fellowship, award ST/G00725X/1 at ICL.


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