Safety, Dependability and Performance Analysis of Aerospace Systems

  • Thomas NollEmail author
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The size and complexity of software in spacecraft is increasing exponentially, and this trend complicates its validation within the context of the overall spacecraft system. Current validation methods are labour-intensive as they rely on manual analysis, review and inspection. In this paper we give an overview of an integrated system-software co-engineering approach focusing on a coherent set of specification and analysis techniques for evaluation of system-level correctness, safety, dependability and performability of on-board computer-based aerospace systems. It features both a tailored modelling language and toolset for supporting (semi-)automated validation activities. Our modelling language is a dialect of the Architecture Analysis and Design Language, AADL, and enables engineers to specify the system, the software, and their reliability aspects. The COMPASS toolset employs state-of-the-art model checking techniques, both qualitative and probabilistic, for the analysis of requirements related to functional correctness, safety, dependability and performance.


Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) Fault Detection, Isolation And Recovery (FDIR) AADL Models FMEA Tables Fault Injection 
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