Implications for Health and Life Insurances and Other Legal Aspects of Genetic Testing


Scientific breakthroughs have fostered the development of new genomic tools, which are generating an unprecedented amount of genetic data. This information has been a catalyst in the transition towards personalized medicine by rapidly becoming integrated to the health care and the research settings but also through the use of direct-to-consumer genetic services. Despite the wealth of perceived benefits in improved diagnosis, treatments, and preventive measures, concerns continue to be raised about the use of genetic information for nontherapeutic purposes and genetic discrimination in the context of insurance. As various neurologists and researchers in movement disorder genetics are increasingly being solicited to assist patients to deal with these concerns, they are confronted with the changing landscape of ethical and legal issues and facing a need for additional knowledge and resources about the implications that genetics may have on the insurability of patients and their family members.


Direct-to-consumer Duty to disclose Family history Genetic discrimination Genetic testing Insurance Movement disorders 

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