Conception of a Tendon-Sheath and Pneumatic System Driven Soft Rescue Robot

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The rescuing robot can help the workers a lot in searching and rescuing survivors. The design of a tendon-sheath and pneumatic system driven rescue robot is proposed in this dissertation. The robot is designed to solve the insert problem into the ruins and provide some necessary help for the survivor fined by the rescue robot. The introduction of the robot in this paper is divided into two parts: the introduction of mechanical structure and the control system. The robot consists of a searching head, a flexible slender arm, display terminal and a driving unit. The searching head is the most important part of the whole system which is comprised of two pneumatic actuators and a backbone spring. The driving unit is composed of the tendon-sheath, servos, solenoid valves and an air pump, all of these elements are control by MCU. The whole robot system can be packed into a suit case for better carrying.


searching and rescuing robot soft robot Tendon-Sheath-Driven 


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