On the Effects of Illumination Normalization with LBP-Based Watchlist Screening

  • Ibtihel Amara
  • Eric GrangerEmail author
  • Abdenour Hadid
Conference paper
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Still-to-video face recognition (FR) is an important function in several video surveillance applications like watchlist screening, where faces captured over a network of video cameras are matched against reference stills belonging to target individuals. Screening of faces against a watchlist is a challenging problem due to variations in capturing conditions (e.g., pose and illumination), to camera inter-operability, and to the limited number of reference stills. In holistic approaches to FR, Local Binary Pattern (LBP) descriptors are often considered to represent facial captures and reference stills. Despite their efficiency, LBP descriptors are known as being sensitive to illumination changes. In this paper, the performance of still-to-video FR is compared when different passive illumination normalization techniques are applied prior to LBP feature extraction. This study focuses on representative retinex, self-quotient, diffusion, filtering, means de-noising, retina, wavelet and frequency-based techniques that are suitable for fast and accurate face screening. Experimental results obtained with videos from the Chokepoint dataset indicate that, although Multi-Scale Weberfaces and Tan and Triggs techniques tend to outperform others, the benefits of these techniques varies considerably according to the individual and illumination conditions. Results suggest that a combination of these techniques should be selected dynamically based on changing capture conditions.


Illumination normalization Local binary patterns Face screening Still-to-video face recognition Video surveillance 


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  2. 2.Center for Machine Vision ResearchUniversity of OuluOuluFinland

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