Sports Medicine of the Foot & Ankle, the Role of Imaging

  • John Wesley Latting
  • Charles E. SpritzerEmail author


As is true for orthopedics in general, the assessment of a sports related injuries of the foot and ankle begins with a good history and physical. While many maladies are readily diagnosed, often a differential remains. In these instances, imaging assessment is often useful. Additionally, as our understanding of injury to the foot and ankle evolves, a more nuanced approach to treatment has developed. Imaging is often required to optimize treatment. This brief chapter is intended to provide an overview to imaging sports related pedal injuries. This chapter is not a comprehensive review. Whole books intended to provide such information have been written. Rather, this manuscript is intended to provide information to guide the reader in deciding when and with what imaging modality to assess a patient further. By necessity and design, this manuscript is based much upon the author’s opinions and experience. It is understood that different imaging approaches to a clinical problem are possible, depending upon the experience of the imager and which imaging modalities are readily available.


Magnetic resonance imaging Ultrasound Computerized tomography Foot Ankle Achilles tendon Stress Fracture Sesamoid Tendinosis Ankle Ligaments Peroneal tendon Lisfranc Joint 


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