Software, Services, and Systems

Volume 8950 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 134-154

An Institution for Object-Z with Inheritance and Polymorphism

  • Hubert BaumeisterAffiliated withDTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark
  • , Mohamed BettazAffiliated withLaboratoire Méthodes de Conception de Systèmes, ESIPhiladelphia University
  • , Mourad MaoucheAffiliated withPhiladelphia University
  • , M’hamed MosteghanemiAffiliated withLaboratoire Méthodes de Conception de Systèmes, ESI

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Large software systems are best specified using a multi-paradigm approach. Depending on which aspects of a system one wants to model, some logic formalisms are better suited than others. The theory of institutions and (co)morphisms between institutions provides a general framework for describing logical systems and their connections. This is the foundation of multi-modelling languages allowing one to deal with heterogeneous specifications in a consistent way. To make Object-Z accessible as part of such a multi-modelling language, we define the institution OZS for Object-Z. We have chosen Object-Z in part because it is a prominent software modelling language and in part because it allows us to study the formalisation of object-oriented concepts, like object identity, object state, dynamic behaviour, polymorphic sorts and inheritance.


software engineering models Object-Z category theory institution inheritance polymorphic types