Vehicular ad hoc Networks

pp 283-306

Security and Privacy for ITS and C-ITS

  • Scott W. CadzowAffiliated withCadzow Communications Consulting Ltd Email author 

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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), and the specialised subset of them represented by Cooperative ITS (C-ITS), are part of the wider machine-to-machine communications, and software driven world. The aims of ITS and C-ITS are multifold but for the purposes of this book are mainly in improving safety of transport users and their transport modes. The chapter that follows covers some of the basics of security, including the contrast with safety and privacy, the role of privacy protection in the ITS context, and a review of the cryptographic countermeasures recommended for C-ITS using the certificate and signature schemes defined in IEEE 1609.2.


VANET Security Privacy 1609.2 Pseudonym Integrity Trust Authenticity Authority Confidentiality Pseudonymity Algorithms Cryptography Certification Verification Validation Cryptanalysis Attack models Defence strategy ETSI Standardisation