Interstitial Syndrome in the Critically Ill: The B-Profile and the B’-Profile

  • Daniel A. Lichtenstein


This chapter will probably be the shortest. It was necessary to understand quietly, step-by-step, the elementary sign (the B-line, Chap.  11), the developed sign (lung rockets, Chap.  12) of interstitial syndrome, and the phenomenon of lung sliding (Chap.  10).


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Supplementary material

Video 13.1

The B-profile. Lung rockets are associated with frank lung sliding. Patient with hemodynamic pulmonary edema (MOV 2351 kb)

Video 13.2

The B’-profile. These lung rockets are here associated with a quite complete abolition of lung sliding. This is a typical B’-profile, seen in a patient with ARDS (MOV 3336 kb)


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