Laparoscopy, SILS, and NOTES for Acute Appendicitis

  • Matteo Mandrioli
  • Aneel Bhangu
  • Kjetil Soreide
  • Arianna Birindelli
  • Ferdinando Agresta
  • Stefano Pretolani
  • Alice Piccinini
  • Francesca Nigro
  • Elio Jovine
  • Salomone Di SaverioEmail author


In today’s world of medical procedure, laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) is well accepted as the gold standard of care in cases of acute appendicitis [15, 23]. Many studies demonstrate LA to be feasible, safe, and effective when compared to the traditional open appendectomy (OA) alternative [18, 19, 26, 27, 32, 33]. These studies show LA to be superior to OA due to shortened hospital stays, lower complication rates, earlier returns to work, and resumption of normal activity [31, 43].


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All figures and intraoperative pictures have been provided by Dr. Salomone Di Saverio MD FACS FRCS and belong to his own library of personal surgical procedures of laparoscopic appendectomy or SILS appendectomy, performed in acute care surgery setting.

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