Colloidal Particles in Thin Liquid Films

  • Yan Zeng
  • Sebastian Schön
  • Adrian Carl
  • Regine von KlitzingEmail author


This chapter deals with the structuring of Silica nanoparticles in thin liquid films. In the first part of the chapter the particles are kept hydrophilic and their ordering under geometrical confinement in a thin liquid film is described. The thin film is formed between two solid surfaces in Colloidal Probe AFM. The effect of suspension parameters (particle concentration, particle size and salt concentration) and parameters of the outer surfaces (surface potential, roughness and elasticity) on the ordering are studied. In the second part of the chapter the same particles are hydrophobized with short chain amphiphiles. The partially hydrophobic nanoparticles are used to stabilize thin foam films in a Pickering foam. A multiscale approach from bulk solution via macroscopic foams, foam bubbles to the adsorption at the free water/air interface is presented in order to understand the stabilisation of Pickering foams.


Colloidal particles Thin liquid films Structural forces Colloidal probe AFM Pickering foam 



The authors thank the DFG for financial support via the priority program “Kolloidverfahrenstechnik” SPP 1273 (Kl1165/1-3) and the CRG/TR 63 (Sfb) TP 6.


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