localg.a.p.: International Know-How Applied at Regional Level

  • Enrique Uribe-LeitzEmail author
  • Elmé Coetzer-Boersma
  • Christi Venter
Part of the Natural Resource Management in Transition book series (NRMT, volume 2)


This chapter presents the localg.a.p. concept of GLOBALG.A.P. and explores why this concept represents a novel solution for the agro-food industry. Today, the world’s leading retailers trust GLOBALG.A.P.’s ‘Integrated Farm Assurance’ (IFA) standard. The IFA standard has proven to be the option of choice in Europe and its rate of adoption by members all over the world is constantly growing. Therefore, the IFA standard is viewed as the minimum food safety and sustainability requirement to be implemented and certified worldwide at the farm-gate. This is achieved by constant demand and support of all GLOBALG.A.P. Members.


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