Balloon Enteroscopy

  • Klaus MönkemüllerEmail author
  • John Ospina Nieto
  • Shabnam Sarker
  • Lucia Fry


Balloon-assisted enteroscopy (BAE) is now considered a routine endoscopy and we have accumulated almost a decade of experience using these methods to investigate disorders of the small bowel and other parts of the luminal gastrointestinal and biliary tracts. We present the technical aspects of performing BAE, focusing on recent advances of the technique, equipment, and indications.


Double-balloon enteroscopy Double-balloon enteroscope Single-balloon enteroscopy Single-balloon enteroscope Balloon-assisted enteroscopy Balloon enteroscopy Device-assisted enteroscopy Deep enteroscopy 

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Video 7.1

Therapeutic DBE (WMV 668055 kb)

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Video 7.2 DBE technique step by step (WMV 231924 kb)
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Video 7.3 SBE with fluoroscopy (WMV 14696 kb)


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