Celiac Disease and Other Malabsorption States

  • Maximilien Barret
  • Gabriel Rahmi
  • Georgia Malamut
  • Elia Samaha
  • Christophe CellierEmail author


Celiac disease (CD) is the most frequent cause of malabsorption. Hence, most of the data about endoscopic techniques in malabsorption states—such as esophagogastroduodenoscopy, upper enteroscopy, or capsule endoscopy—are published in patients with CD. The diagnosis of celiac disease typically requires the presence of both antitissue transglutaminase antibodies in the serum and specific histological features on small bowel mucosal biopsies, such as villous atrophy. The main goal of the endoscopist in the management of patients with known or suspected celiac disease is to obtain contributive histological samples, keeping in mind the fact that mucosal lesions may be patchy. A second goal is to diagnose potential complications, such as ulcerative jejunitis, refractory sprue, or enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma. In first part of the chapter, we review the respective contribution of the endoscopic diagnostic tools in the management of patients with celiac disease. In the second part of the chapter, we summarize the role of endoscopy in the diagnosis of other malabsorption states.


Celiac disease Malabsortive disorders Villous atrophy Enteroscopy Videocapsule 

Supplementary material

Video 11.1

Typical mucosal findings in a patient with celiac disease: reduction of intestinal folds and scalloping of the mucosa in the jejunum (WMV 1,154 kb)

Video 11.2

Intestinal ulceration with bleeding on capsule endoscopy (given SB2) in a patient with celiac disease (MPG 1,280 kb)

Video 11.3

Ulcerative jejunitis associated with a jejunal stricture (WMV 1,841 kb)

Video 11.4

Biopsies performed with double balloon enteroscopy showed a T cell lymphoma (WMV 2,529 kb)


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