Interactive Augmented Omnidirectional Video with Realistic Lighting

  • Nick MichielsEmail author
  • Lode Jorissen
  • Jeroen Put
  • Philippe Bekaert
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8853)


This paper presents the augmentation of immersive omnidirectional video with realistically lit objects. Recent years have known a proliferation of real-time capturing and rendering methods of omnidirectional video. Together with these technologies, rendering devices such as Oculus Rift have increased the immersive experience of users. We demonstrate the use of structure from motion on omnidirectional video to reconstruct the trajectory of the camera. The position of the car is then linked to an appropriate \(360^{\circ }\) environment map. State-of-the-art augmented reality applications have often lacked realistic appearance and lighting. Our system is capable of evaluating the rendering equation in real-time, by using the captured omnidirectional video as a lighting environment. We demonstrate an application in which a computer generated vehicle can be controlled through an urban environment.


Omnidirectional video Realistic lighting Product integral rendering Structure from motion 


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  • Jeroen Put
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  • Philippe Bekaert
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