A Benchmark to Evaluate Mobile Video Upload to Cloud Infrastructures

  • Afsin AkdoganEmail author
  • Hien To
  • Seon Ho Kim
  • Cyrus Shahabi
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The number of mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, wearable devices) is rapidly growing. In line with this trend, a massive amount of mobile videos with metadata (e.g., geospatial properties), which are captured using the sensors available on these devices, are being collected. Clearly, a computing infrastructure is needed to store and manage this ever-growing large-scale video dataset with its structured data. Meanwhile, cloud computing service providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft allow users to lease computing resources with varying combinations of computing resources such as disk, network and CPU capacities. To effectively use these emerging cloud platforms in support of mobile video applications, the application workflow and resources required at each stage must be clearly defined. In this paper, we deploy a mobile video application (dubbed MediaQ), which manages a large amount of user-generated mobile videos, to Amazon EC2. We define a typical video upload workflow consisting of three phases: (1) video transmission and archival, (2) metadata insertion to database, and (3) video transcoding. While this workflow has a heterogeneous load profile, we introduce a single metric, frames-per-second, for video upload benchmarking and evaluation purposes on various cloud server types. This single metric enables us to quantitatively compare main system resources (disk, CPU, and network) with each other towards selecting the right server types on cloud infrastructure for this workflow.


Mobile video systems Spatial databases Cloud computing Big video data Benchmarking 



This research has been funded in part by NSF grants IIS-1115153 and IIS-1320149, the USC Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), and unrestricted cash gifts from Google, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, and Oracle. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the sponsors such as the National Science Foundation.


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  • Hien To
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  • Seon Ho Kim
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  • Cyrus Shahabi
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