DMVP: Foremost Waypoint Coverage of Time-Varying Graphs

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We consider the Dynamic Map Visitation Problem (DMVP), in which a team of agents must visit a collection of critical locations as quickly as possible, in an environment that may change rapidly and unpredictably during the agents’ navigation. We apply recent formulations of time-varying graphs (TVGs) to DMVP, shedding new light on the computational hierarchy \(\mathcal {R} \supset \mathcal {B} \supset \mathcal {P}\) of TVG classes by analyzing them in the context of graph navigation. We provide hardness results for all three classes, and for several restricted topologies, we show a separation between the classes by showing severe inapproximability in \(\mathcal {R}\), limited approximability in \(\mathcal {B}\), and tractability in \(\mathcal {P}\). We also give topologies in which DMVP in \(\mathcal {R}\) is fixed parameter tractable, which may serve as a first step toward fully characterizing the features that make DMVP difficult.


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  1. 1.Computer Science DepartmentVassar CollegePoughkeepsieUSA
  2. 2.Department of Mathematics and Computer ScienceWesleyan UniversityMiddletownUSA

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