• Nadia PallottaEmail author
  • Enrico S. CorazziariEmail author


The management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) requires evaluation with objective tools, both at the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of the disease, to determine the location, extension, activity and severity of inflammatory lesions, as well as, the development of complications. Bowel ultrasound—which is well accepted by patients, non-invasive inexpensive and widely accessible—has been successfully employed as the imaging technique of choice in screening patients with clinically suspected IBD as well as in the follow-up of patients with known Crohn’s disease to assess the site and extent of the lesions, early detection of intraabdominal complications, and recurrence in those submitted to resective surgery. Despite several attempts to correlate ultrasound findings with clinical and biochemical activity, there are as yet no convincing data on the usefulness of ultrasound in assessing the activity of Crohn’s disease.


Transabdominal ultrasound (TUS) Small intestine contrast ultrasonography (SICUS) Crohn’s disease Ulcerative colitis CD abdominal complication CD recurrence lesions Oral contrast ultrasonography CEUS Bowel doppler ultrasound 

Supplementary material

Video 2.1

SICUS video showing normal jejunal loops. The oral contrast distending the intestinal lumen allows to visualize and assess the thickness of intestinal wall and the presence and distribution of intestinal folds. (MP4 5,172 kb)

Video 2.2

SICUS video showing a pathological CD ileal tract. (MP4 1,871 kb)

Video 2.3

SICUS video showing a pathological CD ileal tract with reduced lumen diameter. The oral contrast distending the intestinal lumen allows to measure lumen diameter and motor activity of intestinal wall. (MP4 5,210 kb)

Video 2.4

SICUS video showing several pathological CD ileal tracts. Note the hypoechoic duct-like shaped images arising from the thickened intestinal wall through a wrapping mesentery and through the adjacent pathological tract. (MP4 7,339 kb)


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