Queueing Networks are a widely used performance modeling tool that has been successfully applied to evaluate many kind of systems. In this paper we describe the queueing package, a collection of numerical solution algorithms for Queueing Networks and Markov chains written in GNU Octave (an interpreted language for numerical computations). The queueing package allows users to compute steady-state performance measures for product-form and some types of non product-form Queueing Networks. Additionally, the package provides functions to analyze single station queueing systems and Markov chains. Therefore, the queueing package can be used for reliability analysis, capacity planning and general systems modeling and evaluation.


Markov Chain System Throughput Capacity Planning Queueing Network Queueing Network Model 
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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Informatica–Scienza e Ingegneria (DISI)Università di BolognaBolognaItaly

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