Perfusion Processes

Part of the Cell Engineering book series (CEEN, volume 9)


The interest for perfusion is increasing nowadays. This new focus has emerged from a synergy of a demand for disposable equipment and the availability of robust cell separation device, as well as the need for higher flexibility and lower investment cost. The cell separation devices mostly used today are based on filtration, i.e. alternating flow filtration, tangential flow filtration, spin-filter, or acceleration/gravity, i.e. inclined settler, centrifuge, acoustic settler. This paper gives an introduction to the basic concepts of perfusion and its practical implementation. It reviews the actual cell separation devices and describes the approaches used in the field to develop and optimize the perfusion processes.


Perfusion Continuous process Alternating flow filtration Tangential flow filtration Spin-filter Inclined settler Centrifuge centritech Acoustic settler Hydrocyclone Floating filter 


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