Managing Privacy in the Internet of Things: DocCloud, a Use Case

  • Juan Vera del CampoEmail author
  • Josep Pegueroles
  • Juan Hernández Serrano
  • Miguel Soriano
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 567)


In this chapter, we describe nodes in the Internet of Things can configure themselves automatically and offer personalized services to the users while protecting their privacy. We will show how privacy protection can be achieved by means of a use case. We describe DocCloud, a recommender system where users get content recommended by other users based on their personal affinities. To do this, their things connect together based on the affinities of their owners, creating a social network of similar things, and then provide the recommender system on top of this network. We present the architecture of DocCloud and analyze the security mechanisms that the system includes. Specifically, we study the properties of plausible deniability and anonymity of the recommenders and intermediate nodes. In this way, nodes can recommend products to the customers while deny any knowledge about the product they are recommending or their participation in the recommendation process.


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  • Josep Pegueroles
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  • Juan Hernández Serrano
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