Detection of System Bottlenecks

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This chapter (Partially based on: (i) Levin MS (2013) Towards detection of bottlenecks in modular systems. Electronic preprint. p 12, Accessed 1 June 2013 [cs.AI] (ii) Levin MS (2012) Towards clique-based fusion of graph streams in multi-function system testing. Informatica 23(3):391–404) addresses frameworks for detection of bottlenecks in composite (modular) systems: (i) traditional quality management methods (Pareto chart based method, multicriteria selection of system components); (ii) detection of bottlenecks based on morphological design; (iii) detection of critical system elements in multi-layer structures (i.e., components, component interrelation); (iv) clique based dynamical detection of system bottlenecks over graph streams. Numerical examples illustrate the frameworks.

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