Connection of Users and Access Points

  • Mark Sh. Levin
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This chapter (Partially based on: (i) Levin MS, Petukhov MV (2010) Multicriteria assignment problem (selection of access points). In: Proc. of 23rd Int. Conf. IEA/AIE-2010, LNCS 6997, part II, Springer, pp 277–287 (ii) Levin MS, Petukhov M (2010) Connection of users with a telecommunications network: multicriteria assignment problem. J. of Communications Technology and Electronics 55(12): 1532–1542 ) addresses connection of end-users to access points in wireless communication networks. The design approach is based on multicriteria assignment problem. Two versions of the applied problem are examined: (1) each user is connected to the only one access point, (2) each user can be connected to several access points (i.e., generalized assignment problem). A set of examined criteria involves the following: (i) maximum of bandwidth, (ii) number of users, which are under service at the same time, (iii) network reliability requirements, etc. A simple heuristic is used. Numerical examples illustrate the approach.

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