Composite Strategy for Multicriteria Ranking

  • Mark Sh. Levin
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This chapter (Partially based on: Levin MS (2012) Composite strategy for multicriteria ranking (sorting). Electronic preprint, p 24, Accessed 9 Nov 2012. [math.OC]) addresses a framework for combinatorial synthesis of composite strategy for multicriteria ranking (sorting). Some methodological issues are described: basic decision making scheme, basic decision making problems (choice, linear ranking, sorting, clustering), four-layer architecture of decision making process, types of sorting problems, types of algorithm systems (usage of algorithm, selection of algorithm, modification of algorithm, composition of algorithm), structure of problem solving strategy, configuration and reconfiguration of composite strategy for multicriteria ranking problem. Applied example corresponds to DSS COMBI: description of four generations of the system, architecture of the system, functional planar graph menu, realistic example for combinatorial synthesis of composite strategy for multicriteria ranking.


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