Modular Systems, Combinatorial Engineering Frameworks

  • Mark Sh. Levin
Part of the Decision Engineering book series (DECENGIN)


This chapter (Partially based on: Levin MS (2013) Note on combinatorial engineering frameworks for hierarchical modular systems. Electronic preprint, p 11, Accessed 29 Mar 2013, [math.OC]) addresses the following: (i) basic system design approaches, (ii) description of combinatorial engineering framework as a \(k\)-problem/\(k\)-model framework for modular systems, (iii) basic types of hierarchical structures (e.g., types of trees, multi-layer structures, morphological hierarchy), (iv) basic systems combinatorial engineering frameworks (system design, evaluation, detection of bottlenecks, improvement, etc.), and (v) correspondence between basic typical combinatorial engineering frameworks and modular systems with hierarchical structure.

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  1. 1.Institute for Information Transmission Problems (Kharkevich Institute)Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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