Minimally Invasive Intragastric Surgery

  • Didier MutterEmail author
  • Marius Nedelcu


As the peritoneal cavity represents the operating space for laparoscopic surgeons, they have imagined directly working in the stomach by following the same principles: insufflation to create a new operating space, introduction of surgical instruments through working ports, and performance of a surgical procedure by using various techniques of dissection. We aim to describe the technical principles of this new approach as it offers a valuable option for surgeons in the management of gastric tumors and early cancer. It may preclude major surgical procedures, especially for the management of lesions located at the esophagogastric junction. Selected indications can be identified due to adequate preoperative workup including endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasonography, and conventional imaging studies (CT scan and MRI). When all inclusion criteria and technical principles are respected, this new minimally invasive approach offers major benefits for patients. It combines the preservation of an almost normal anatomy by respecting the stomach and the gastroesophageal junction with a simple postoperative course.


Early Gastric Cancer Gastric Wall Wedge Resection Gastroesophageal Junction Esophagogastric Junction 
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