Low Anterior Resection/Proctectomy

  • Amit Merchea
  • David W. LarsonEmail author


Robotic use in rectal resection is increasing in utility and popularity. Reported benefits of the robotics over traditional laparoscopy are varied. Robotic pelvic dissection is a technically demanding operation. A surgeon who is competent with pelvic laparoscopy may be at an advantage to benefit from the opportunities robotics may offer.

In general the robot improves operative ergonomics and three-dimensional high-definition visualization of the pelvis, which may translate into technical and functional benefits. This chapter reviews the technical aspects of both a hybrid and totally robotic approach to proctectomy (low anterior, coloanal, and abdominoperineal resection).


Robotic Proctectomy Low anterior resection Coloanal Abdominoperineal resection 

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