Optimization of Pharmaceutical R&D Programs and Portfolios

pp 123-139


Indication Sequencing for a New Molecular Entity with Multiple Potential Oncology Indications

  • Jack KloeberJr.Affiliated withKromite LLC Email author 
  • , Alex StojanovicAffiliated withPhosphagenics
  • , C. Kwon KimAffiliated withKromite LLC

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In this chapter, we address portfolio optimization at a sub-portfolio level. Even a “mini” portfolio—such as a single molecule with numerous indication opportunities—can pose a significant challenge to an organization; there are many interdependencies, correlations, and synergies to consider, weigh, and trade off. Here we present a case study that considers the challenge of optimizing this sub-portfolio by determining the best sequence of three potential indications. The same methods can be applied to a molecule with even more indication opportunities, a group of related molecules, or an entire portfolio.


decision analysis indication sequencing clinical development MODA decision tree risk adjusted valuation portfolio optimization pipeline planning