Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma

  • Joaquín J. García


Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma affects children and adults and presents at a mean age of approximately 65 years. Women are involved more than men. The majority of cases involve the parotid gland, presenting as single or multiple masses. Most cases of small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma behave as high-grade malignancies. Small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma is infiltrative, comprised almost exclusively of one cell type (neuroendocrine), and exhibit a variety of architectural patterns (solid and organoid) (Figs. 27.1, 27.2. 27.3, 27.4, 27.5, 27.6, 27.7, 27.8, 27.9, 27.10, 27.11, 27.12, 27.13, 27.14, 27.15, 27.16, 27.17, 27.18, 27.19, 27.20, 27.21, 27.22, 27.23, 27.24 and 27.25).


Small cell undifferentiated carcinoma Small cell anaplastic carcinoma Oat cell carcinoma Neuroendocrine carcinoma 

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