Lives of the Stars

  • C. V. Vishveshwara
Part of the Astronomers' Universe book series (ASTRONOM)


George and I had agreed to meet once again in the University. This time it was not to be in his office, which George calls dusty, musty, and rusty! We decided to get together in the loveliest spot you could think of, namely the University Park. Being located on the outer edge of the sprawling campus, it is far from the madding crowd of stressed out students and frustrated faculty. Beautifully landscaped, yet retaining the natural charm of spontaneous growth, the park is a work of art harmoniously blending a variety of colours through its plants, shrubs, and trees. It was late afternoon and the gentle sunlight seeping through the foliage of the trees added to the beauty of the surroundings.


Black Hole Neutron Star Nuclear Reaction White Dwarf Gravitational Collapse 
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