Applying NURBS Surfaces Approximation with Different Parameterization Methods on CKSOM Model Closed Surfaces Data

  • Seng Poh Lim
  • Habibollah Haron
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8509)


Surface reconstruction towards 3D data is a popular case study in the field of computer graphics. Although many methods are able to solve surface reconstruction problems, but limitations are still appeared. The limitations of Kohonen Self Organizing Map (KSOM) model in closed surface was handled by introducing Cube KSOM (CKSOM) model. However, the CKSOM model output is not in industrial standard format because NURBS are mostly used as surface representation in computer aided geometric design. Furthermore, NURBS surface approximation result will be affected by the parameterization methods. Therefore, the aims are to test and apply NURBS surface approximation on the CKSOM model output and to obtain less surface errors using different parameterization methods. Based on the result, NURBS was proven to be able to apply on the CKSOM model output and uniform parameterization method was proven to be the best method compared to others based on the surfaces error obtained.


CKSOM model Closed surfaces data NURBS Parameterization Surface approximation 


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  • Seng Poh Lim
    • 1
  • Habibollah Haron
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  1. 1.Soft Computing Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of ComputingUniversiti Teknologi MalaysiaSkudaiMalaysia

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