Practical Eye Tracking of the Ecommerce Website User Experience

  • Wilkey Wong
  • Mike Bartels
  • Nina Chrobot
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8516)


Eye tracking is a productive tool in researching the user experience of ecommerce websites. Because information throughout the online path to purchase is communicated visually, gaze behavior is among the most effective and informative means of testing the extent to which a given ecommerce site facilitates a smooth transaction. The process of analysis typically involves examining the characteristics and patterns of visual attention during the online shopping process. Eye-tracking metrics are used in conjunction with data-based visualizations and traditional usability techniques to answer a variety of questions about the online shopping process. Principles of appropriate design, execution and analysis of an ecommerce eye-tracking study are discussed, along with relevant case examples.


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  • Mike Bartels
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  • Nina Chrobot
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