At the Heart: Human Beings in Organizations

  • Frank E. P. DievernichEmail author
  • Jie Gong
  • Kim Oliver Tokarski


Change management without people is unthinkable. They stand at its core as both the subjects and the objects of change. We will explore, understand and summarize the new gained knowledge of function of people and their activities in today’s organizations. Human beings have become the sole refuge of stability in organizations and thus represent new, accessible social addresses with the networks, which are the source for stability while organizations are changing. Our modern world needs new leaders and managers who also focus on the individual needs of their people during times of change. Communication as a tool in change management makes trust, leadership and stability possible. Society is changing and organizations are changing with it. This article focusses on a wide variety of these aspects surrounding this.


Organizational Change Change Management Human Trait Agile Practice Change Management Process 
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  • Jie Gong
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  • Kim Oliver Tokarski
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