A Branch-and-Price Approach for a Ship Routing Problem with Multiple Products and Inventory Constraints

  • Rutger de MareEmail author
  • Remy Spliet
  • Dennis Huisman
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In the oil industry, different oil products are blended in a refinery. Afterwards, these products are transported to different harbors by ship. Due to the limited storage capacity at the harbors and the undesirability of a stock-out, inventory levels at the harbors have to be taken into account during the construction of the ship’s routes. In this paper, we give a detailed description of this problem, which we call the ship routing problem with multiple products and inventory constraints. Furthermore, we formulate this problem as a generalized set-covering problem. We propose a branch-and-price algorithm to solve it and we discuss this briefly.


Time Window Mixed Integer Linear Program Multiple Product Short Path Problem Price Problem 
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