Data Quality Issues Concerning Statistical Data Gathering Supported by Big Data Technology

  • Jacek MaślankowskiEmail author
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 424)


The aim of the paper is to show the data quality issues concerning statistical data gathering supported by Big Data technology. An example of statistical data gathering on job offers was used. This example allowed comparing data quality issues in two different methods of data gathering: traditional statistical surveys vs. Big Data technology. The case study shows that there are lots of barriers related to data quality when using Big Data technology. These barriers were identified and described in the paper. The important part of the article is the list of issues that must be tackled to improve the data quality in the repositories that comes from Big Data technology. The proposed solution gives an opportunity to integrate it with existing systems in organization, such as the data warehouse.


Big Data unstructured data data quality 


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