Multivariate Network Visualization

Volume 8380 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 151-174

Temporal Multivariate Networks

  • Daniel Archambault
  • , James Abello
  • , Jessie Kennedy
  • , Stephen Kobourov
  • , Kwan-Liu Ma
  • , Silvia Miksch
  • , Chris Muelder
  • , Alexandru C. Telea

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Networks that evolve over time, or dynamic graphs, have been of interest to the areas of information visualization and graph drawing for many years. Typically, the structure of the dynamic graph evolves as vertices and edges are added or removed from the graph. In a multivariate scenario, however, attributes play an important role and can also evolve over time. In this chapter, we characterize and survey methods for visualizing temporal multivariate networks. We also explore future applications and directions for this emerging area in the fields of information visualization and graph drawing.